Grimms' Fairy Tales

Author: Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm

First published: 1812

Pages: 150

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Table of Contents

The Golden Bird1
Hans In Luck5
Jorinda and Jorindel8
The Travelling Musicians10
Old Sultan12
Briar Rose14
The Dog and the Sparrow16
The Twelve Dancing Princesses17
The Fisherman and His Wife20
Cat and Mouse in Partnership26
The Adventure of Chanticleer and Partlet31
The Valiant Little Tailor37
Hansel and Gretel42
Mother Holle47
The Robber Bridegroom52
Tom Thumb54
Clever Gretel59
The Old Man and His Grandson61
The Little Peasant61
Frederick and Catherine64
Sweetheart Roland67
The Pink73
Clever Elsie75
The Miser in the Bush76
The White Snake82
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids84
The Queen Bee86
The Elves and the Shoemaker88
The Turnip94
Clever Hans96
The Three Languages98
The Fox and the Cat99
The Four Clever Brothers99
Lily and the Lion102
The Fox and the Horse105
The Blue Light106
The Raven109
The Golden Goose112
The Water of Life115
The Twelve Huntsmen119
The King of the Golden Mountain121
Doctor Knowall125
The Seven Ravens126
The Wedding of Mrs Fox127
The Salad129
The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was132
King Grisly-Beard137
Iron Hans139
Show-White and Rose-Red147
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